Week 4 Flowchart – DraftKings GPP Contests

Week 4 Flowchart – DraftKings GPP Contests

Should we all just go ahead and delete Week 3 from our brains? Yes, the Joe Flacco Flowchart was an absolute disaster, but it seemed like most of the slate was as well. The chalk busted, the high-scoring games busted, and we saw one of the lowest scoring weeks in a while. If you didn’t have Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews, you were fighting an uphill battle.

Week 4 presents us with an interesting slate of games. We have Buffalo and Baltimore, which is the game that everyone will be circling, and then we have a bunch of mid-level game totals including a lot of bad offenses. We are going to attempt to thread the needle here this week, should be fun!

Game Stack

We’re not messing around this week. After the Joe Flacco disaster, we are going right to Josh Allen and not asking any questions. Allen will surely be the most popular QB of the weekend, so we have to figure out ways to be unique here.

I love pairing up Devin Singletary in Allen stacks. We saw what happened last week when the Bills finally played a close game and Singletary got a lion’s share of the rushing and receiving workload. I think we see much the same this week and love the low ownership at the $5900 price tag.

To complete the game stack, we are going to get a little bit weird here and toss in Devin Duvernay. Of course, Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman would seem to make the most sense here, however I like Duvernay for a couple of reasons. First, he is priced at $4100 which is right in the same range of two of our cash game lock players that we highlighted earlier. As such, he will provide great leverage in tournaments off of those two. Additionally, Duvernay has run pretty hot on TD efficiency this season. That can’t stick right? Well in a game that projects for a lot of points, we saw “But why not?”.

Bring It Back Stack + Tight End

This is the first major decision point of the weekend, and it’s deciding between the popular route in Stefon Diggs or the contrarian route in Gabriel Davis. We know both of them have huge ceiling games so make sure to get a little access to both.

This weekend is pretty gross on the Tight End side. When that’s the case, I like to lean into correlation from one of the most TD depending sides. I’ll get into these secondary stacks in the next column, but for now we are just going to fire up Evan Engram or David Njoku with either of your lineup pathways. Again, I repeat, you can use either of the TEs and their secondary stack pieces on either route of The Flowchart.

Secondary Stack + 2nd Running Back

If you are going the Evan Engram route, then I love Devonta Smith as a bring-back. Yes he absolutely blew up last week so it feels like chasing a bit, but also he’s only $5800 and the Eagles seem to be absolutely rolling. I think he actually gets overlooked a bit here due to some of the other WRs priced just above him, so it’s wheels up for Smith this week.

If taking the Njoku side, then lining up a secondary stack of Drake London makes a lot of sense. London is a rising star in this league and should be in a smash spot here against the Browns.

The 2nd Running Back options are also the Top 3 best cash game plays this week as well. I think going the Singletary + Duvernay route, kind of lets us do whatever we want here on the backend so I’ve got no problems with it! Make sure to read the Cash Game article for more info on all three of these guys!

Final Piece

A ton of fun WR options this week to finish this off. I am not really partial to any of these guys, so I would say try and create as many combos as possible.

Apologies for the quick ending here, I am running out the door to play some golf with my Father-In-Law for his birthday!

Good luck this week and I hope to see you at the top of the leaderboards!


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