Week 2 Flowchart – DraftKings GPP Contests

Week 2 Flowchart – DraftKings GPP Contests

When we roll out some lineups with the highest scoring QB and the highest scoring RB on the week, we are always going to be live to get into the green. That’s exactly what we did in Week 1, however the Kelce fade into Andrews/Pitts leverage did not work as planned. Additionally, due to the absolute blowout the Chiefs ran on the Cardinals, it was not necessary to force an Arizona bring-back. We live and we learn and we take our min cash in Week 1 like champions.

Week 2 provides a really interesting slate as there are not a ton of games that really jump off the sheet. As I mentioned in the Cash Game article, we are dealing with a strong RB week so I don’t mind throwing in 3 high upside guys into our GPP lineups. I would lean into correlation when possible when deciding on your WRs. When the projected games scripts are all so closely bunched, it’s best to just make a couple bets on one or two games really blowing up.

Team Stack

We are going to fire up a Tom Brady stack, but we are going to do it in a slightly unconventional manner. First off, we are going to pair him up with Leonard Fournette who posted a 84% rush share and a 77% snap share in Week 1 and should be on the field a ton against the Saints. Similar to last week, we are going to skip the popular pairing in Mike Evans, and slot in Julio Jones instead. I was very encouraged by the Brady/Julio connection and you can only wonder what these two would have done if they had both hooked up earlier in their careers. We’ll attempt to find some Mike Evans leverage later on.

Game Stack

I think we’ve got two pretty clear options for bring backs from New Orleans. First of all, we’ll roll out Juwan Johnson who is priced at the minimum this week and saw 75% of snaps and 5 targets in Week 1. Secondly, we can fire up Michael Thomas as a pretty safe floor and high ceiling option this week. Thomas was reportedly on a snap count in Week 1, but still managed to rack up 2 TDs in the 2nd half. If the snap count is gone, it could be wheels up for him.

Secondary Stacks & Leverage

Let’s bring Mike Evans back into the conversation again. At $6800, I’m assuming in Brady lineups that play Evans, the roster construction will lead them away from other WRs priced around him. Enter Terry McLaurin and Amon-Ra St. Brown. Both of these guys are just a bit cheaper than Evans and should provide us a pretty good way to get different in our Brady builds.

I want to go one step further with this Washington/Detroit game and pair both of those up with a WR on the opposing team. We saw in Week 1 that Washington is willing to throw it (Carson Wentz 313 yards and 4 TDs). We also saw that Detroit isn’t going to put up much of a fight on defense (Eagles racked up 38 points through 3 quarters) but also have the ability to put up some points on there own (DET/PHI was the highest scoring game of the week). I think this game has real shootout potential, so I want to target it pretty aggressively. With McLaurin, we will add in DJ Chark Jr. who saw a 22% target share in Week 1. In the other option with St. Brown, we will pair him up with Curtis Samuel who had a Deebo Samuel-lite role against Jacksonville. Samuel racked up 10 targets and 4 rush attempts.

Outside of Evans, I do think Juwan Johnson also has the ability to get steamed up in Brady lineups due to his cheap price tag. To help combat that (and maybe officially enter galaxy brain leverage territory), we’ll pivot to Brevin Jordan and Isaiah Likely on the bottom half of the flowchart. Just because the pricing works out too well, we will toss Courtland Sutton in with Jordan and Jaylen Waddle in with Likely and bank on some correlation through our cheap TEs. This could also be considered fake-sharp correlation because at these prices they don’t really need to push each other to pay off, but again the pricing was clean so we rolled with it.

Play the Studs

My favorite weeks of The Flowchart are when we set ourselves up with a high ceiling-low ownership foundation in our lineup and we can truly jam in the best plays with our last two options. I truly think if your lineup has gotten to the 4th column, we can ignore the ownership and just fire in who your gut thinks is going to have the best games. We have plenty of leverage and contrarian plays on the front end this week.

One option here is to play Darrell Henderson Jr. with Christian McCaffrey or Davante Adams. After having a really quiet Week 1, I love CMC this week and hope we get to see a little glimpse from his glory days.

If you want to take a more balanced approach you can pick two from the group if Saquon Barkley, Joe Mixon, and D’Andre Swift who all completely balled out in Week 1. These guys are still priced relatively fairly compared to what their ceiling is, so I would try to get as many combinations as possible. I can guarantee you that almost no one is going to play a three-man secondary stack of Swift with 2 pass catchers, so don’t feel bad firing that into your lineup and rooting for a shootout in Detroit.

You’ll likely have to move some defenses around to make all of the combinations work in Column 4. Sometimes you can go up other times you can stay with the Jets. Just absolutely do not play the Bengals who will likely come in North of 30% this week. Chalky defenses are easy to beat and hard to bury you.

Good luck this week! I hope to see you at the top of the leaderboards


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